Your baby or toddler will love the excitement of the Baby Moves Hollow Tunnel as they learn and develop the ability to crawl and roll. Crawling supports cross lateral movement and upper body strength and in turn, cross lateral movement helps brain development and motor skills. Rocking and rolling helps to develop balance and co-ordination. In the Baby Moves programme, playing in this tunnel develops confidence, to support development to the key milestone of crawling and rolling. This product is specifically designed using the latest neurological reasearch to promote a child's physical development.


The Baby Moves Hollow Tunnel features:

Integrated soft interior.

High contrast colours, encouraging visual focus.

High quality, wipe clean fabric.


Ideas for play with your child

Peek- a- boo

Hide and Seek

Rock n roll


Code: BMG290

Dimensions:  70 x 56 x 56 cm