Your baby or toddler will love the challenge of the Baby Moves Roller Rocker as they learn balance, co-ordination as they rock, roll and climb. Climbing supports cross lateral movement which in turn helps brain development and motor skills. Rocking helps to develop balance and co-ordination. In the Baby Moves programme, this equipment would be used to spin, rock, climb and roll, encouraging children to explore, balance and co-ordinate their movements. This product is specifically designed using the latest neurological research to promote your child's physical development.


The Baby Moves Roller Rocker features:

High contrast colours, encouraging visual focus.

Turns over to provide a spin and rock base.

High quality, wipe clean fabric.


Ideas for play with your child

Rock, roll and spin

King or Queen of the Castle


Code: BMG310

Dimensions:  70 x 70 x 35 cm