About the Doodle Stick Physical  Literacy Programme



The Doodle Stick Physical Literacy Programme is an award winning literacy and handwriting development programme. Research is increasingly proving that linking movement to all areas of learning enhances children’s education. This fun, easy to use, kinaesthetic literacy programme has been designed to stimulate children’s brains as well as bodies and result in increasing legible writing and literacy skills.


The Doodle Stick Literacy Programme is suitable for all children aged 2 to 7 years, and has shown to be especially useful for children with additional needs and those with English as a second langua


John Pilot Study


"John is in a low ability group for most subjects. He displays poor pencil control and he is also left handed. When writing, both myself and the teaching assistant have been able to help John by referring back to the way we used our Doodle Sticks to form different shapes, be they curved or straight.

John was able to demonstrate by copying the shape in the air with his finger.

John has also developed more confidence and has begun to take part more in class discussions."

John’s Classroom teacher - Year 2

Here is a sample of John’s handwriting before the Doodle Stick sessions. The second sample shows his writing after just three half hour Doodle Stick Literacy Workshops.