Doodle Stick Literacy Programme for Parents Nurseries and Schools


The Doodle Stick Literacy Programme is an ideal tool for helping children to develop their literacy and handwriting skills. The easy to follow programme is perfect for encouraging children who are reluctant writers or with a special educational need. It is great for boys and children with English as an additional language.

Train to embed the Doodle Stick Literacy Programme within your nursery and help improve your children’s literacy and handwriting. Research into child development and neurological development is increasingly showing that increasing a child’s physical and gross motor movements will increase their fine motor skills.

Inset Trainings are available and all of them include a complimentary kit.

The training will cover the background to the programme including how and why increasing physical development will increase literacy and handwriting. The practical element of the training and the Doodle Stick Literacy Programme kit enables you to put this into practice within your setting immediately.

Suitable for all early years and key stage 1 practitioners working within nurseries and schools, Including after school clubs and any other setting with young children

age 2 to 7.